Timepiece – Heather Albano


Stars: starstarstarstarstar

The first in a trilogy of timetravel cum cyberpunk novels that read like some undiscovered manuscripts of H.G. Wells.

Time travel, yes, but the adventurers through whose eyes we see events future and past (for them) are not from OUR present, nor indeed our future, but from 1815. Their future is 1885, a cyberpunk Empire under threat from the descendants of Frankenstein’s monsters, and from the oppressive regime that has evolved to deal with them.

The writing is strong – it’s such a pleasant surprise to read a book of this type and not instantly think “fan-fiction” – as is the characterisation and feel for historical detail. As I said, it evokes a feeling of reading Wells, but with admixtures of Jane Austen and Mary Shelley.

Interesting, original, and well worth reading!


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